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The Good Table

Freezer to Plate

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We stand in solidarity with every person who has forgotten to thaw the chicken before leaving in the morning. Freezer to Plate is the first product of its kind. In one dish, you can bake pasta or rice together with frozen chicken to create the most deliciously convenient meal that has ever graced your kitchen.

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You. Yes you. Quit seasoning your chicken and fish the same way every time. Each of our four inspiring flavors, Parmesan & Herb, Crunchy Thai, Southwest Tortilla and Lemon Herb comes with a delicious sauce and crust mixture to turn your chicken and fish blahs into yum.

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Where meals are made

Simply and Deliciously

Where weeknight meals are

Anything but Routine

And made in just a

Matter of Minutes

The good table means quality ingredients

That you can Feel Good about

With restaurant-inspired flavors that

Put Excitement on the Plate

and bring smiles

Around the Table

The Good Table

we're serving inspiration daily.

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